Car Wash Marketing/PR

Car Wash Marketing


How do you get people to notice you?  Sure, they might at first because they saw your car wash being built, but are you built to last?  The message you send out is just as important as how and where you send it.  If you submit an offer on Groupon, do you know what to expect in return? What about direct mail or shared coupon mailings?  Our marketing experts can outline a program for your business based on actual information.  And don’t forget about menu signs or directional signs.  It’s all marketing, from signage to uniforms; all of it sends a message about who you are.


You have heard it said that all press is good press, however, that’s not always the case.  You want to be known as the community car wash, the company that supports the schools, local non-profits and loves having clients on the lot.  You don’t want to be known as the company that damaged a car and would not cover the repairs or have a customer who was so upset they take the time to sit on the street corner with the broken part and a professionally printed sign in protest (true story, we have seen it!). Let the experts at Focused help you connect with your community get attention for all the right reasons.