Tommy Carwash Building DesigniExpress Car Wash

Tommy Car Wash’s unique building design offers a look like nothing ever seen in the car wash industry. Tommy’s patented designs offers curb appeal and a distinct style to attract that impulse buyer. Check out our latest work to see what is possible.

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Unlimited Wash ClubsUnlimited Wash Clubs

Increase your VOLUME by as much as 40% and REVENUE by as much as 20%! Contact the experts at FOCUSED to learn how to run a successful unlimited club today!

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Focused BullseyeWhy Focused Carwash Solutions

Focused Car Wash Solutions (CWS) is your complete guide to starting a successful business in the car wash industry.  You only get one chance to start your business. Make sure it is done right with the team at Focused.

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Car Wash Consulting, Financing & More

  We believe you have found the most complete group of experts in the car wash industry. Day in and day out we run successful businesses in the car wash world. Our team consists of individuals that have experience ranging from planning commissions, car wash construction, equipment installation, product development, operations, and blending chemicals, to Marketing and Human Resources. Our expertise does not come from theory; it comes from hands-on, practical knowledge. Our recommendations come from us, and by us, we mean our stores. We try chemicals and equipment at our facilities; we test marketing and track the returns, we deal with employees and HR issues daily, and we hire, fire and train regularly. We have customers who demand our attention and equipment that breaks down. Contact us today for your free consultation and find out why we are the best.  

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Keep-m-Clean – Colorado Springs, Colorado

The NEW Keep-m-Clean car wash in Northeast Colorado Springs is a beautiful ...

Surf & Suds – Arvada, Colorado

OPENING SOON! Surf & Suds converted a Karcher In-Bay automatic into an ...

Speedy Shine – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Speedy Shine is a 130′ modern car wash building located in Santa Fe, New ...

The Tunnel Car Wash – Garden City, Kansas

The Tunnel is a 100′ express conveyor car wash in Garden City, Kansas.  ...

What Our Clients Say

I engaged Aaron Green as a consultant for the rehabilitation, refitting, and reopening of a failed full service car wash on which we foreclosed in 2008.  For this operating turnaround, Aaron provided sound assistance with the installation of new equipment, systems set up, operations procedures, personnel hiring and training, and marketing. He was a valuable ally for me, as I received my indoctrination into the car wash industry. From the reopening of the facility about 3 ½ years ago to present, the wash has consistently grown revenues and volume and Aaron has become a good friend in the business.

– Robert E Kearney, Lynx Loan Fund, LLLP -